Saturday , April 17 2021

The unusual "bribes menu" from Venezuela includes obtaining a visa to Chile: Chilean authorities have rejected its validity


They like the menu of a restaurant menu, but instead of catering, they put prices on illegal matters. It is a bribery tariff that creates the international environment. Bloomberg and, according to the publication, made popular in Venezuela with WhatsApp.

There he offers to clean up records of up to $ 7,000, to receive apostyle documents for the same money and a $ 750 passport.

Not all: At the same time you need to pay $ 40 for a Chilean visa application and to pay $ 400 for the same currency to accelerate that document.

The article shows that public officials in Nicolás Maduro's country have the right to set a fixed price for all borrowing procedures in foreign currency due to the great humanitarian crisis in their country.

Officers Descaro

But the "bad" process is so obvious? The director of the Venezuelan group in Chile, Maylin Naveda, yes, because it has confirmed that social networks are fertile ground for fraud.

"A price menu, there are rumors that there are managers who do all these operations," Navid a Publimetro says.

He adds, as a Facebook manager, it comes from a wrong person who wants to present this illegality. Nevertheless, when they have unknown problems, they submit the records to the police immediately.

Because in Chile. In Venezuela, the truth is diametrically opposed: the police is not a reflection of truth.

"There are people who are in need and have to do this kind of procedure, so you have to take the document and even have obstacles for the charges of public officials." For example, I knew two or three cases that came with the apostille, Chile and the document. And then the authorities say, even if you've done them perfectly, they're bogus, "says Neveda.

Disqualification for Chile visa

But he's not the only one. So is Raúl Sanhueza Carvajal, General Director of Consular and Immigration Affairs.

. It is impossible for an administrator in Venezuela to intervene in the process of issuing visas, Pub Publimetro said. This is because requests for documents such as Democratic Responsibility are not "face-to-face" because it is only done online.

"The system receives the request from the Foreign Ministry in Santiago, which is directly electronically reviewed, and is prepared daily in Santiago, according to the list of people who should attend the consulates of Caracas and Puerto Ordaz. The Consul may change this order, "emphasizes authority.

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