Monday , September 26 2022

The two Chilean companies are part of a global agreement for the reuse and reduction of plastic material. society


As part of our Ocean Conference in Bali last week, Global Agreement of Plastic New EconomyEllen MacArthur Foundation with an ambitious mission and an initiative of the UN Environment: Reduce the amount of disposable plastic of companies producing 20% ​​of the total of this element, Strong pollutants worldwide.

In particular, the commitment means the qu100% of this material produced, processed and processed by the 250 companies and organizations involved in the project will be reusable, recyclable and recyclable. from 2025 to e.

Among the multinational companies that signed the circular economy contract with plastic, Nestlé, Coca-Cola, L & # 39; Oreal, H & M, Danone and Unilever. And in the case of Chile, there are two initiatives involved. to this challenge Algramo, Helps small manufacturers sell their products in hundreds of stores; and tricycle, dedicated to recycling.

In addition to these companies, University of Santiago, Dra Alysia Garmulewicz and the Chilean government professor are part of this plan It also aims to eliminate unnecessary plastic containers and to reuse or recycle those produced with this material.

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