Tuesday , October 19 2021

The surprise glass from the Bernabéu museum!


As everyone knows, this market appealed to it Santiago Bernabéu River-Boca will be the champion of Copa Libertadores.

The curious thing is, in the grass of Chamartín, logically, real Madrid It is not included in the broader title list it has obtained throughout its history. This happens for a clear matter, Copa Libertadores becomes the champion of America.

However, the historical event that allowed us to bring this match to Madrid among the two Argentine teams also enabled us to see a unique, non-repetitive image. The title of Copa Libertadores is on display in the medal hall. Santiago Bernabéu As part of the preview this market is super match in Chamartín.

Many wanted to go to the white stadium to take a photo with a cup to date due to the champion's next Sunday. Copa Libertadores wearing Bernabéu There are many privileged ones that can be photographed alongside the trophy of the champion of America, therefore, something to stay for this date.

This is how the fans have a relationship with Copa Libertadores:

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