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"The sum of the two will be better than individuality"


For months, Cornershop partners and founder partner Juan Pablo Cuevas (JPC) have been mad for months; and Horacio Barbeito (HB), general manager of Walmart Chile. In September, they formalized the acquisition of the most successful local enterprise of recent times, which brought them en a lot of engagement Eylül. But both work hard to create synergies that are happy and provide the full potential of what is called the work of the year.

What happened to the companies after the announcement of the purchase?

-JPC: We weren't prepared for the impact. The thing we're most careful about is the attention. We have been invited to many places where we have not been invited before. As a matter of fact, the process still needs to be approved, so in a more practical sense, a lot has not happened. We continue to work as we work and everything remains the same. We hope to be approved soon, and we can see the first fruits of working together.

-HB: The company is atypical not only for the past but also for other acquisitions in other types of companies. First, we made a commercial agreement, we had the opportunity to know each other as a company. Enade Juan Pablo shared that he knew how to get to know us, to cooperate and then to this marriage, and I think that something very positive happened in that sense, because a company with a first investment in Chile, D & S, is being bought and then put into operation. In this case, we met and then announced the purchase. This second commitment of the investment in Chile, with greater security, began by recognizing and working with us, making the reality that is very positive and complementing the value proposition become a synergy. We've quickly realized that the Cornershop needs our stores and our supply chain, and we've quickly achieved the final one-mile excellence, and we need Cornershop to complete our offer, not only for sales, but also for after sales. I think it's a super natural bait and having a commercial deal gave us the opportunity to get to know each other before we mentioned it. I think this is the foundation and we will provide a good basis for how we will operate in the future.

What happened inside the companies with the announcement?

-HB: He was positive. It helped us a lot to get to know before. In fact, Juan Pablo, larscar (Hjertonsson) and Daniel (Undurraga) were in our annual shareholder last year when we investigated the commercial agreement. In the Walmart Cornershop, the sum of destructive, agile, good, and duality will be better than individuality.

-JPC: It was tremendous news for us. The people inside must have been a little bit staggering and honest about some fears, but by the time they had created a great opportunity to continue doing what we do independently. one of the largest companies in the world. People are super motivated.

How do you see the performance of e-commerce?

-HB: I believe what's going on in some geographic areas, our value proposition at the store, our pick-up offer, and the value that Cornershop has added to that customer for a home delivery in 90 minutes. When we see that the ecosystem is working, we understand that the future is not a job, today's job. We have these options for a customer who are much more empowered and informed today and have already adopted this method of purchase. So, the remaining thing for the future is to continue to grow.

-JPC: I think there are some things that the customer always wants and always wants, not like the customer changes elsewhere, now he wants to take everything home. I believe that no one wants to bring some kind of product to his home in some cases, now only technology and new developments can be made. I think this is a definite thing. What the consumer sends and chooses, or chooses, should be what the companies should do, adapt to what the consumer prefers.

-HB: Personalization is another important concept that brings digital transformation. 50 years ago, the retail business was a person who came to the women and joined in one by one. The self-service began to mass-start this relationship with customers and we are now almost one-to-one. We will personalize an experience that is becoming massive. As the customer buys it, and even sent it to Juan Pablo, these options are something that leads to a disruption to the retailer that I think is great for competition and for the customer.

What kind of synergy or business did you have?

-JPC: At the beginning, we tried to do something like this with everyone. In the end we are always looking for optimization and efficiency to serve you better. In particular, within a year and a half of working with the Leader, we're trying to move things forward, but at the same time, as we use the room, we don't have to interrupt clients, so we have to make enough improvements. Therefore, we are doing things like having a product range more adapted to the consumer's consumption habits in Cornershop. This is very important, because people now spend time at home or other times when they buy from work or a car. This begins to buy products at different times, then we must accept these things and how the rooms work.

-HB: For example, when shoppers enter a room and start buying products, at the end of the day, we can learn in real time what our previously known stock cuts are. This is real-time information that makes us faster products in the sales room, giving us faster response and selling more, Cornershop sells more and sells more of these products supplier. So I think there's a super-fast synergy out there.

But then, one of the biggest challenges retail has had is its peaks and valleys and, as Juan Pablo said, perhaps a shop, it was super silent where people mostly ordered and perhaps 100 shoppers. To order, it is a busy schedule, which can take the afternoon intensity. This is very difficult to maximize the sales was very difficult. As a result, I think this could lead to a change in our stores and stocks to maximize their assets. I think there are good opportunities to continue synergy.

Is there a store that has already changed your behavior?

-HB: Buenaventura is a good example, this is the main store where a combination of onmicanalidad. A store with a lot of physical traffic is the number one store in Cornershop. This is the most sold store in the Pickup and is the omnichannel 30% of the sales. Online sales penetration levels are Chinese levels. We say that it is the most multi-channel store in Chile.

Will it be repeated in more sales rooms?

-HB: That's what made us move further in this relationship with Cornershop. We believe that the future is only in stores or just online. It is a customer with different options for different purchasing tasks.

-JPC: There is a lot of consensus in the world, stores will have to change a little bit, they can adapt to this new reality, because they will not sell the same products, the same programs and the same customers, but they will continue to exist. They'll be perhaps more experience knowing new products. Finally, it should be prepared for different customers and different uses.

Will there be any synergies between and Cornershop?

-HB: For now, great synergy is the omnichannel, which is able to complete the suggestion of physical stores with home service in less than 90 minutes. This is a great synergy. After the operation has been confirmed, Juan Pablo's team is very good at developing technology, and maybe we can do something together, but for now there is as much room as we have seized room-level products, perhaps the Cornershop shopper, where the majority of the products in the Basket are already prepared. faster and ultimately, if not, can increase promises and fall from 90 minutes to 60 & # 39; I don't know the customer remarks in Walmart China within 30 minutes of a shipment. Obviously, a smaller product range and collection are closer to the neuralgic points of cities, from stores called dark cities. Model different, flying ideas.

-JPC: The mission of Cornershop is to help us to make the products from your favorite stores as quickly as possible and try to do this. It would be foolish to close any alternative. And if we can collaborate with the Leader or the other stores we have in the market, we will continue to do so.

-HB: Our aim is to make money and thus live better. And a few years ago, after having included the concept of time to our customers, they save time for our customers to live better, save time, and believe that they are the mother of all synergies.

"We are thinking more about thinking about new markets, consolidating service"

How was the year for Cornershop?

-JPC: Short, too short. It's been a tremendous year. The truth is, we are super young as a company, we only have three years and 4 months, they focus every year. We grew up very fast and this year was the best year of all of us. We've developed a new product for all small businesses, so they'll be able to enter and run Conershop on their own. If you have a shop or a neighborhood store, you can enter the Cornershop Store, write your store name, your logo, your address, upload your catalog and start selling. The idea is to reach all the small traders who want to receive a delivery service within an hour and a half.

Did you go

-JPC: We are white goods, we have 40 of these companies and we are more selective because we are trying to work well. In the future the idea is that stores can go on their own.

-HB: We are super excited and praise what they do because it reflects a lot of things we do with SMEs. Thanks to the distribution in our distribution center, there are SMEs that can sell their products to Arica from Punta Arenas. We have a small neighborhood company with super good products, and we can reach all Santiago via Cornershop, which will not come otherwise. The samples that feed our products with our company are really positive. The more companies he uploaded to the market, the more winning platforms will be.

Are you looking at other markets?

– HB: Obviously, our decision with Cornershop was to unite today in two very relevant markets, Chile and Mexico, where we see growth and a great deal of opportunity. We are proud to invest in a company of Chilean entrepreneurs to use this type of platform in other markets. We will consider this well once the transaction is confirmed, but in the meantime, as Juan Pablo said, it's been a short year, but obviously growth is great.

-JPC: Since we left Cornershop, we thought it was very important to focus. We started in Chile and Mexico and hopefully we decided to work in Mexico and Chile until we get a very, very good service. We still have too many ways. More than just thinking about new markets, for the time being, we intend to consolidate the service, consolidate the product and do it very well. We are very satisfied with what we have achieved, but we still don't have much.

-HB: On the day we signed the agreement, we were in the same room, and the concern of "Chaq" (nicknamed Juan Pablo Cuevas) was that he was given many orders and was unable to fulfill his promise. This mentions not only the quality of the directors and the founders of Cornershop, but also the focus on the marked service, that is, the promise of the service and the subsequent growth. I think this is very commendable because they both do now: excellent service with very good growth rates.

How's the Cornershop shopper?

-JPC: Completely different. With all these technological platforms and super-flexible work, you reach all kinds of people at the end. On the one hand, there are super teens, who are students who take advantage of the weekends or classes or days when there are no new graduates. On the other hand, they have all the fathers and moms with older children and have more time, so they want to go back to work. The third group is already a group that considers Cornershop or these platforms as a first source of income work or wants to complete their work. People who work full-time or have another job. There are also older adults.

-HB: Some old guys came to deliver my order to my home. She told me they were retired and they were over 70. She knew where the supermarket material was, and she helped her do something heavy. . A couple of Lucas woke up, we do it 4 or 5 hours a day, and we entertain ourselves like crazy, "he said. This is not a big group, but it may be an excellent opportunity for people who will eventually work energy. Today there can be a small group, but there can be huge potential for tomorrow.

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