Friday , June 24 2022

The river fan apologizes to Boca after the events.


Serious events took place at the Monumental Stadium in Buenos Aires. suspension grand finale Libertadores Cup between River Plate and Boca Juniorsre-programmed for this Five o'clock on Sunday morning.

In the midst of a journalistic work outside the stadium, a journalist from the TNT Sports journalist caught the fans' impressions after suspending the meeting. Xeneizes apologized to fans for the events that occurred in the match.

"I'm a River fan, but Boca fans, I'm sorry what happened to them, because no one will tell them."reassured the fan.

But the fan continued with his speech and said, "I am a river fan and my Boca brothers and Brother, I love him, I love him as a Boca fan, let's find outa little civilization To be civilized, we will all grow up, not a matter of religion, not a matter of politics, not a matter of importance, let's be civilized, a little, think …".

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