Wednesday , October 20 2021

The popular Christmas house in La Florida has been "disabled" with complaints from neighbors: children want return | National


A show in the house of Juana Palominos FloridaEight years out of his house, very ostentatiously decorated Christmas.

The lighting and decorations she set her attention attracted the attention of the Florids, who came out of the blue to watch how the house was burned every night.

However, not everyone was happy. Palominos told LUN close neighbors claimed him For the large number of people who came to see the demonstration, even occasionally forced the existence of Karabags to transit.

Therefore, decided not to burn his house in 2018. "They don't want me burning the lights because a lot of people come to watch it. It says it can be dangerous because it attracts thieves, but nothing happened. If anything happens, they will blame me," he said.

She added, ı Problems have taken me down. The people who came to watch the house claimed to be walking on the lawn, the cigarette butts were thrown, we were parked on the sides of the house, they closed the entrance of the car park.

Among the decorations attached were the lights that moved to the rhythm of the music, a height of four meters from pines, a deer and a sledge imported from Ireland. "Now everything has saved me because it pissed me off," he added.

The business woman from the automotive world said she occupied 65 extensions to reach her decoration. about 50 thousand dollars in electricity has been paid extraBecause the lights are LED and not too much.

What do you plan to do? It is not clear at the moment that the lighting will finally be finally sold. For now still receiving letters from children They want him to reconsider his decision and turn his house back into a Christmas show.

"As a municipality, we will do as much as possible to recover this threatened tradition," Commune President Rodolfo Carter said on Twitter.

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