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The opposition blames the government after the death of mapuche comunero in Ercilla: demand announcements | National


Today Several parliamentarians reacted to the death of a Mapuche comunero The commander of Erleb was injured after he was wounded in a shot during the operation of the Carabineros Tactical Group, known as "Forest Command" under Malleco.

The victim was identified as Camilo Catrillanca Marín, 24 years old. Who died in a situation that is not yet clear.

One statement said the Socialist Party (PS) deputy Emilia Nuyado was the representative of the people of Mapuche in Osorno Province. power usage and therefore, ask for more information about how this occurs.

Ücü We want these situations to be or sad, and we want the Government to explain how this police procedure has reached this level, that we regret the death of a communist. Bu

In addition, the MP of Andrea Parra, the Democratic Party of Democracy Party (PPD), said they were very concerned and "with it". we all feared and warned When the Jungle Command was established (…), someone would be dead. "

On the other hand, National Renewal (RN) MP Miguel Mellado also emphasized that Carabineros is the Tactical Group. "He's doing his job very well" and it is up to him to continue to discover racy crimes as in this case.

Meanwhile, only Christian Democrat Senator Francisco Huenchumilla, radio Or This happens because the Jungle Command is absolutely disproportionate in its organization, its arming and its training. The government should respond to this death, "he said.

Huenchumilla, inevitably stating that this decision will lead to such situations, kaçın there is a political responsibility. The government must accept and respond to citizenship Hükümet.

From Wide front In addition to other demands, La Araucanía also responded to a public declaration demanding the resignation of the mayor of Luis Mayol.

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