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The mysterious disappearance of Carolina de Moras at the closing of Telethon in Glamorama National


Author: Cristián Farías / 2 December 2018

One of the details of Telethon's closure in Telethon was the mysterious disappearance of Carolina de Moras, one of the most noteworthy points of interpretation of this morning on Twitter.

After leaving Chilevisión, the animator, who now has no channels, was presented as one of the star faces of the closure of the solidarity day.

I came to meet thousands of people who filled the coliseum and all the viewers of the solidarity marathon with a perfect white dress at night.

But when Don Francisco asked him to accompany him, Carola never appeared after the presentation of one of the participating artists. Cristián Sánchez and Martín Cárcamo came to the game. "He wasn't here, he had a problem," Sanchez explained in front of everyone.

The poteriormented subject was removed and there was no explanation for the super striking absence of De Moras.

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