Monday , June 27 2022

The most important weekend for trade in the US began


Sales are expected to exceed $ 23,000 million

Nor have they broken records for over a century new York millions of people visiting the store and Black Friday or Black Friday, the most important weekend for trading United States of America.

Federation of National Retailers of the United States 164 million Americans believe it will go shopping this weekend.

Sales are expected to exceed $ 23,000 million this weekend. Thanksgiving or Thanksgiving.

However, visitors to New York, for example; National Weather Service-3,9 and -6,7 degrees Celsius (below 20 degrees Fahrenheit) warned that the coldest thermometers since 1901 did not exceed -3.33 degrees Celsius (26 Fahrenheit).

Black Friday includes four-day promotions up to Cyber ​​Monday starting with Black Friday, and millions of people are expected to build stores together with local buyers and visitors.

Today, retailers mark the beginning of the Christmas season with the usual expansion of business hours and big discounts on large televisions and toys.

Facilitating purchases

During today's Black Friday, markets offer new ways for customers to get discounts on the internet and in stores more easily and quickly.

For example, Walmart has created a digital map that makes it easy for buyers to find the exact location of an item in the store.

The Kohl app allows customers to take photos from other places and find similar products in stores.

Target in front Walmart and Amazon and offers two days free shipping without minimum purchase. Amazon, a leader in online sales, continues to download the minimum amount to $ 25, while Walmart is a traditional $ 35 & # 39; retained the limit.

"Retailers are doing everything they can to get buyers on the Internet and take customers to the shops to attract buyers to buyers," said Marshal Cohen, consultant of NPD Group, a market research group. Said. "I think the overhead would be good."

Expectations for this Black Friday

Experts believe that Black Friday is what it is now, when people are queuing up at the gate of business to bid for a month.

Many major shops including Walmart, Best Buy and Macy'sThanksgiving began their introduction in the afternoon, which contributed to reducing crowds.

It is expected that Black Friday will have the highest sales volume of the year, according to ShopperTrak, a technology company.

Analysts say sales of this year may exceed last year's figures. This Black Friday is expected to exceed $ 23,000 million in 2017 compared to 21,000 million. MasterCard SpendingPulse, It follows all forms of payment, including cash.

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