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The meeting of Mapuche leaders in Temucicui: We are looking for people following disobedience | National


This Saturday, Mapuche Leaders They met at Temucuicui To define the rules after the murder of Camilo Catrillanca – the neighbor of Ercilla of La Araucanía.

After the completion of Trawun, Marcelo Catrillanca's father, Camilo-read a 5-point expression. promote disobedience and mobilization in the territory of Chile.

He wanted it too Urgent demilitarization of Wallmapu (This goes from Bío Bío to Los Ríos) so that they can have peace and tranquility in the region.

Thus, they guarantee their existence. Forest Command "more military coercive actions In the framework of the so-called Pacification of La Araucanía.

Therefore, from the current government eradicateThis is a threat and a violation of the right to live in peace.

In the same text, "to the state of Chile, having land and territory" area was taken and occupied by military violence"That is, the non-Mapuche lack of legitimacy and legality in property.

By the way, at the point "Date explanation commission" They confirm that it is urgent to establish a group aiming at setting a standard on the occupation and resources of the region.

So, clarify Human Rights Violations The people of Mapuche and thus Wallmapuche can have a solid and lasting peace.

In the statement, the people of Mapuche self-determinationThey commit themselves to implement and implement them in the short term, considering allowing them to decolonize.

Therefore, they invited Mapuche organizations and communities to reorganize their actions. self – determination framework.

In addition, He thanked both the Chileans and international organizations. Camilo showed solidarity after Catrillanca's death.

Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB
Carlos Agurto | RBB

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