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The meaning message of Cecilia Bolocco in the National Glamorama


Author: Glamorama Team / 2 December 2018

A few weeks ago Cecilia Bolocco passed the most difficult test of her entire life: her son Máximo had to undergo an emergency operation to remove a very large brain tumor.

Everything went well and the former Miss Universe thanked the clinic with tears in her eyes. The 15-year-old son also greeted and thanked him.

However, Bolocco thinks that he and his only son have yet to be thankful for all the love they have received in the difficult process. And last night Telethon made it at the close of the 2018 National Stadium:

Cecilia Bolocco: . Everyone knows you've had very complicated, extremely difficult weeks with my family, but on this occasion celebrating 40 years of Teletón, he couldn't disappear.

"Thirty years ago, I began to work for this great reason, and it makes us deeply proud of this crusade for love and solidarity that unites all the Chileans.

"Despite the pain I felt this week, I didn't want to disappear, because I was only 15 years ago with Telethon, when my great warrior was born.

. Then, when I admire him today, I am proud to be Chilean for this amazing work.

"Because now I had to put a mother and a child in the hospital, I ran and spent all night in vigiliana, I understand better than the magnificent work that has been attended by more than a hundred thousand families in history. I hope Telethon.

"My words are to say that this is the most magnificent work in human history. I do not know that a nation is not united for this wonderful reason.

"Children are the most important thing and the family is above all important. It's really great to unite a country to support those who need it the most. Telethon should go on forever.

"I really congratulate Mario Kreutzberger and Ximena Casarejos, the real engines of this magnificent work.

"Thank you for joining me at the clinic, Mario. Thank you for this invitation, Ximena. Thank you all for accompanying me in these difficult times. I hope you don't forget what my child is. Thank you very much."

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