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"The government is overreacting in this case" «Diario y Radio U Chile


In recent times, Alberto Espinoza commented on various political actions to reverse the asylum process given to Chile in France, having previously decided that the defense agency had changed its decision and that the requests for extradition were not the basis. today.

November 5, 2018 17:53

June 15, 2017
Interview with Alberto Espinoza, frontal player Marcela Mardones.

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The Office of the Office for the Protection of French Refugee and Stateless Persons (Ofpra) has decided to grant political asylum to Ricardo Palma Salamanca, accused of killing Jaime Guzmán, and has angered the ruling party where they are negotiating with the French Government. In order to reverse the situation and repeal the extradition process, the former mayor can withdraw in Chile.

Chile's Radio Universidad de Chile met with his lawyer in Chile, Alberto Espinoza, during his meeting with Chile's International Law, 'International Convention for Refugees', in force since 1951. There is an opportunity organized by. and therefore, has absolute validity.

In the same way, the attorney said that the rationale and allegations supporting the OFPRA decision were completely confidential, but they were important reasons, and that this was a serious and difficult decision to reverse. : "I understand that the decision adopted by this body is intact, established, must have a history, rationality, lawfulness in everything, it is not a lightly taken decision, on the contrary, it is a serious decision. And it is set up. "

Regarding Chile's decision, we will give a letter to French Ambassador Ronald Dubertrand to express his dissatisfaction with the asylum given to the former front, Espinoza says he has acted in anger and has prevented him from seeing the situation openly.

According to La Tercera, some of the text presented by the UDI states that "the French government can choose between ratifying terrorism in democracy and ratifying Ricardo Palma Salamanca, or demonstrating France's commitment to impunity. We have seen how the government you represent on the territory of the Republic of Chile supports the murder of a senator and democracy.

In this sense, the lawyer said, "they react with anger, anger with the French government, and I believe that anger hampers reasoning, I think, I'm not a psychologist, but I think that is to react to that point of view." From the perspective of the mind, from the point of view of the mind, they take what they say in their letters, which take their accusations against the French Government seriously, and accept it as active criminals of terrorism, on charges of ratifying it. UDI, military dictatorship party, Pinochet party, party of human rights abuses. "

Palma Salamanca

Ricardo Palma Salamanca

In addition, Espinoza referred to the Government's role in this case and assured it was an in extreme intervention Ek. She added that the applicant should be allowed to file a lawsuit, in other words, that it was important for the Court of Justice not to yani interfere with any interference with the President of the republic or his extradition Başv.

In the same way, the attorney says that the Government of Sebastián Piñera has been made available to the UDI because it is a political party in particular, and that it is wrong to extradite this particular issue. country problem.

Concerning the extradition request for the extradition of Ricardo Palma Salamanca to serve our country today, Alberto Espinoza said that he had no basis for prescribing the sentence; More than 21 years have passed since the High Security prison on 30 December 1996, and Chilean legislation sets 15 years for a prescription, implying that the punishment is already valid. This will take place in France, where the 20-year recipe was established.

"From this date on, if the status of the restrictions was working, and any one took the bill, you can point out that more than 21 years have elapsed since (…) Since there is no need for further analysis, this is the general rule in Chile and you must act with a general rule. "

Ricardo Palma The lawyer, who benefited from the current state of Salamanca and his family in France, said the decision was calm and satisfying.

The government, in part, has begun diplomatic efforts to maintain a dispute against the French government. He sent a letter to Sebastián Piñera from his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron. Government spokeswoman Cecilia Pérez said that on his behalf, he would consume ways to return to Chile to serve his sentence for Palma Salamanca.

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