Monday , March 8 2021

The government announced the new electricity tender for 2019 and said the prices will remain low

A new electricity supply tender for distributors, the first of the current executives, prepares the government for 2019. This was confirmed by Energy Minister Susana Jiménez, who said that the auctions, which had won the tender in 2025, would begin to supply energy. With the new terms and conditions related to these tenders in 2015 approved reform.

"For the next year, the launch of a tender to supply customers arranged by the end of the year is budgeted. This means they will be procured from 2025, as the law requires it to last five years," he said. Yesterday, the minister who attended a series of events in Antofagasta.

"The fact that the work is being done and will be carried out in exactly one year (auction) will also allow for more information in the face of the demand linked to greater economic growth." The behavior of regulated customers and the migration of regulated customers to free customers, "he said, adding that the amount of energy to be tendered will be closer to the procurement stages.

Suitability for the industry

This type of process attracts the interest of the entire local generator park, as it enables companies to access long-term contracts at known prices, thus enabling production projects to be applicable and access to finance. In 2015, these companies were organized by the companies of the National Energy Commission.

Earlier this month, CNE's new administrative secretary, José Venegas, said the organization could start a tender by the end of 2019 and, in this case, would be less likely to lose energy, given the changes. Free transfer to requested and arranged customers.

The contracting authority also noted that the tender prices would reflect changes in the market in relation to lower costs of these technologies, with greater maturity.

. What we see is a very serious decline in technology, so we need to expect low prices in the sense that these technologies mature and reduce costs internationally, "he said.

Ministers, however, say that these values ​​will not necessarily be lower than the final process as they offer changes in the market (see infographics).

Uz The final offers (prices) will not be extremely low, but we are talking about the ranges that are very difficult to get projects many years ago and which are very different from projects that last longer.

We now have renewable technologies with less hassles to obtain permits, more limited construction periods and tremendous potential. I see a very positive scenario for the development of our ever-renewable matrix and a step towards decarbonization. Artan

Finally, Engie's coal-fired power plant in the midst of its decarbonisation plan pointed to the start of Infrastructure Energética Mejillones. In this context, he stated that there is an earlier commitment and reflects different market conditions.

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