Wednesday , October 20 2021

The former carabinero is officially formulated for drug trafficking, bribery and fraud.


It was an old gendarmerie case formalized for pre-trial detention crimes. bribery, drug trafficking and fraud In the Atacama Region on Freirina.

After more than a year of investigation, prosecutor Jorge Hernández filed a formal case against the former uniform. He fell from this case.

According to public officials, Former police officer warns nightclubs to conduct inspectionsIt also allows them to step out of the specified program.

With this "goodness", the old gendarme took money, alcohol and sexual services Women working in the same space

The Prosecutor's Office Investigate your involvement in drug smuggling After having established a friendship with the two defendants for this crime, those who warned them about police procedures.

According to the Ministry of Public Works, carabinero personally controlled the precautionary measure of "friends"He warned of the day and time he would go home to check that precautionary measures had been complied with.

One of the crimes examined The man in uniform is charged to make arrangements to prevent the handling of driving causes while drunkSo they will never be fulfilled. All for money.

finally, The accused are also being investigated for the acquisition and sale of false educational qualifications. The State's subsidy in Santiago was transferred to a public organism and soon sold to different people in the commune, which had never joined the classes.

The warranty judge ordered 180 days to close the investigation that decided on the uniformed prisoner's prison.

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