Saturday , October 23 2021

The crisis in the Catholic Church reached the pocket: by charity decreased by 1% donation | National


Catholic Church The complex is more than a moment, the scandals of sexual abuse within the institution have made some impact in the economic field.

By this order, no later than Two-Year Survey The credibility of the church's hierarchy by El Mercurio, the faithful and the citizens, has generally declined.

The official economic figures of this year will be known only in 2019, however, the final balance The Archdiocese of Santiago shows that there are changes in the financing of the religious institution;

If you collect 1% per month from the capital's archival loyalty in 2016, a total of 3,411 million dollars, he fell as light as the figure In 2017 $ 3,322. At the same time, the money obtained through private donations increased from 41% in the same years to 11% from 11% according to newspapers.

Of course, income in the same period through property rental It represented 26% to 30% of the total.

From 2016 to 2017, the archbishopric of Santiago, with more than 44,000 people contributing, the real participation of property surpluses and others, earned blue figures from $ 10,337 million to $ 11,074.

Ir There are objective data: reliability and reliability in the hierarchical church are insulting. But on the other hand, if you go to the poorest and simplest congregations, those who wander on Sundays don't decrease. Ama Jorge MuñozCaritas Social Pastoral's agent.

It is located on% 1 of the Catholic Church. "The duty of all Catholics" Contribute to the percentage of salaries to help them to be exempted from contributing to charities.

Katkı Who does not consciously contribute 1% to careless or forgetfulness because he is not exempt from moral error or sin. fail The expression of the church, "reads the website.

1% of the total collection collected by Dioceses goes directly to the Vatican in a substance called "Papal Additive". The church also allowed money Maintaining Christian buildings In addition to pastoral activities, 2% of the total goes to the Refugee Court.

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