Friday , December 3 2021

Telethon picks up Polo in the middle of an office to strok the Polo


"What do you want to say to Florencia?" Journalist Polo Ramírez asked innocently into a group children Telethon 2018 in an office framework for television broadcasting.

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He was in the city. Calama When, from Santiago, they made a lively contact to show him A surprise to Telethon's ambassador Florencia Catalán in 2018According to Radio Bio Bio.

Surprise is the greetings his comrades want to send him to constantly shout his name. "Florence, Florence, Florence …"

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So, the journalist's intervention and the microphone at hand asked the question of diligence, which received an unusual response, which caused laughter among some social network users: "Nothing."

"What do you want to say to Florence?" He asked. "Nothing" said a girl. "A greeting? Is it true?" He said to another child who responded the same word.

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