Saturday , October 23 2021

Teklif Don't miss the beach milyon: the project offers millionaire fines to all who block access to the beach | National


Minister of National Assets, Felipe WardThe National Campaign "Don't Miss the Beach" was launched in Viña del Mar, which invites people to request free access to the beaches from the sea, the rivers and the beaches of Chile.

So far, the portfolio in question 314 complaints The ban on access to the beaches is concentrated in the regions of Higashi, Biobío, La Araucanía, Coquimbo and Valparaíso.

This is an increase of 71% compared to 184 complaints received last year. 27 of the total number of complaints is symbolic: among others Villarrica (Araucanía), Topocalma (O '' Higgins), Playa Blanca (Coquimbo), the lake beach in Laguna Chica (Biobío).

The authorities reminded that all coasts of the sea, rivers and lakes were national products for public use, so that adjacent landowners were required to provide free access to them when there were no other public roads or roads.

Uz When citizens are confirmed to have a beach without public access, we ask them to cooperate with this campaign by making their complaints. We want to reset the currently restricted beaches "Felipe Ward is the National Entity.

If a restriction enters a beach, the Regional Inspection should be notified to the Regional Secretaries of National Assets, Governments, Municipalities or the website

In action, Minister Ward also announced his next income Bill up to 100 UTM sanctions blocking free access to beaches designated by authority (almost 5 million pesos).

In order to report these cases, it should be provided to identify the complainant, to determine the land adjacent to the beach to be reached, to propose the owners of land, the tenants or owners of these lands and the proposed land line as their access road.

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