Wednesday , December 1 2021

Teillier: "Now we will have a communist presidential candidate"


Communist Party President Guillermo TeillierIn the elections of 2021 he approved the disposal of the community to be a candidate for their own ranks.

"That's what we've already set: will now be a candidate for the communist presidential candidate or candidate "said Teillier Mercury.

"We didn't have a candidate (in the previous presidential elections), so we decided that there was no requirement to participate. at least in primary school, as much as we can. If we go in the first round, you know how … "he said.

"I won't give any names"

"Who will (the candidate), we do not know"helmsman refused to comment on specific names such as Recoleta Mayor, Daniel JadueToo much – even outside the computer – gives the presidency.

"I won't give any names. They all look good in the game because if I give a name it means that it is already determined. I'm not throwing out any name, because everyone has a right and There are several capacities at the party for this"He reassured.

"I don't see FA, DC and PC in a common primary"

Teillier said that too. The position of the PC The opposition has “precursors var:“ We will offer a candidate, we want to compete PC.

Teillier resorted to the possibility of considering an alliance in which the PC, DC and Frente Amplio were integrated: "I still can not see for those who preside, obviously."

Ir It's ideal, but I don't see Frente Amplio, DC, and the PC as making a premier presidential bonus, just like something, most likely many parties go to primers or others go straight to the first round. , the meeting point will be in the second round again, he reflected.

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