Sunday , October 17 2021

Technological revolution: Cubans will be able to access the internet on their phones this Thursday.


Cubans will be able to access 3G mobile service for the first time since Thursdaywill present four data packages, Cuba, Etecsa announced the state monopoly of telecommunications.

Etecsa managers state that they have to rely on users of a company in a program of state television. A terminal or mobile phone equipment supporting 3G technology pTo be able to hire this new service Long-awaited by Cubans.

As described by Etecsa, vice president of Tania VelázquezThe telephone company will send a personalized notification to its customers with the offer of four packages available to access the service.

The official announced the rate of new mobile data service for the package. 600 megabit (MB) download speed It will be a monthly cost 7 convertible pesos (equivalent to CUC, 7 dollars).

On average, Cubans earn a little more than $ 20 a month.

In case of access Free internet connection with 1 gigabit (GB) will cost 10 cuc (10 dollars)if so Up to 2.5 GB 20 CUC (20 dollars) and who decides to take the biggest package, You need to pay 4 GB, 30 CUC (30 dollars).

Velázquez, each one of the packages 300 MB additional bonus for national content use and explained Nauta mail bag for 1 CUC (1 dollar) for 50 MB per connection hour.

Service activation process next Thursday will start with mobile phone numbers starting at 6 & # 39;, 7 days are added to those starting with 56 and 57. and el Saturday will start with 8 starting numbers 58according to the directive.

The Cuban state operator conducted two free tests of the mobile data service in August and September to assess the capacity and viability of this communication technology before ending the service.

But in these tests, as known by Etecsa, there were connections and high congestion in the sound and data due to the instability of the elements of the network.

President of the company, Mayra ArevichEtecsa had to prepare in the investor area in order to create the necessary infrastructure, and since 2013, the internet services have started to become widespread through the navigation rooms.

By presenting a data update, Arevich said at this time Cuba has 670 navigation rooms, more than 2 million Cuban Wi-Fi accounts, 830 Wi-Fi connection areas, 34,000 state-owned Internet services, and more than 60,000 users in their homes. Through the Nauta Hogar program.

Contact Minister Jorge Luis PerdomoIn a statement Tuesday, he said the key challenges to the IT and telecommunications industry in Cuba for the future were to give priority to the mobile network and to introduce 4G technology to reduce, reduce and reduce access. service fee.

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