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Teatro Regional was the epicenter of Lucho Gatica's farewell.


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Rancagua Regional Theater, national singer-songwriter & # 39; Lucho & # 39; He became the epicenter of Gatica's memories and witnesses. The statue of the sculptor – the bolerist and his brother Arturo – was the statue of rancagüino to show his respect for one of the most important national musicians in history.

Cultural center throughout the day until it comes to various authorities and personality, along with citizens, where the 'Bolero King', # 1 songs and left flowers recognized his career.

But only adults did not go to pay their respects; Although students from various educational institutions of Rancagua lived in an age completely different from the success of the artist, thanks to their songs, he came to the place that recognized his legacy. They play in Chile's homes: La barca and Contigo on the clock are just a few of their achievements.

"Lucho Gatica Theater"

After confirming the singer-songwriter's death, he quickly made the idea of ​​changing the name of the Rancagua Regional Theater and getting Lucho Gatica in social networks. Rancagua is an ambassador from all over the world.

Gatica was born on August 11, 1928 in Rancagua. She lost her father at the age of three and since then her mother has had to strive to humble seven children.

Gatica's life

The sporadic turns of Mexico, which have been based on 1952, have not always been a reflection of their success abroad. He often complained that his citizens had asked him to retire. However, he limited the 80s, he remained partially active in music.

In Mexico, he married the actress Mapita Cortés of Puerto Rico. He has been the father of five children, with two children's art career – actor and singer Luis Gatica and Alfredo Gatica. His second wife, American Diane Lane Schmidt, had a girl Luchana, with his godfather Julio Iglesias. After a six-year marriage, she married a 20-year-old Leslie Debb in 1986 with her seventh child, Lily Teresa Gatica.

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