Friday , December 3 2021

Tapia suspended the conference and left the stadium quiet


After the defeat against the Universidad de Concepción, the coach ignored an article in the Monumental Stadium's press room.

Hector Tapia closed with a defeat Colo Colo. Against 2-0 University of Concepción leaves her as the worst performing technician of her era Black and white.

After the match, santiaguino was expected to go to the press conference, but it did not happen. The coach continued to receive article 49 of the regulation and did not appear in the Monumental Stadium's room.

What does that say? "In the case of suspension of each club's Technical Director or the first one, the Technical Assistant must be ready to hold a press conference after the match and within thirty minutes. will be suspended while performing their duties görev.

Hector Tapia, if he enters another team, gives a date penalty by skipping the regulation.

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