Friday , December 3 2021

System failures encourage suspension of internal UDI selections | National


Errors in the system, which were registered this morning in the morning, caused the internal elections to be suspended. Independent Democratic Union (SSM).

The elections began on Sunday at 09:00 in the country, more than 200 at the competent bureau, and at 2:45 pm the Supreme Court decided to suspend them.

There were 44,555 UDI militants authorized to make their choices and to elect the new guild board.

These people can vote electronically or personally, but they do connection errors and instability in the system, by the company.

Fernando Véliz (RBB)
Fernando Véliz (RBB)

UDI Secretary General, Issa Kortsaid there are no technical guarantees to continue the process.

"We value the Supreme Court judgment and the willingness of both lists (…) because it has gone beyond healthy differences between a list and the other, a single view of the party's internal democracy," he added. .

In addition, officially apologized and sorry for the militants those who could not vote and the elections announced on Sunday (December 16th).

The deputy Jorge Alessandri explained that the best thing was to suspend the choice, because the company did not offer a technical solution. In this context, he stated that the enterprise would have a certain time to explain the reason for the failure.

Fernando Véliz (RBB)
Fernando Véliz (RBB)

The militants voiced their troubles, because they had to wait up to two hours because the system was intermittent. In this context, they criticized the lack of a ı Plan B Bu.

Fernando Véliz (RBB)
Fernando Véliz (RBB)

The Minister of Interior was among those who voted. Andrés ChadwickHe emphasized the importance of progress, irrespective of whether the party had previously been suspended or elected as the new or new president of the union.

These internal elections were marked by smallness and poles between the lists of Javier Macaya and Jacqueline van Rysselberghe.

In a letter to El Mercurio, former UDI presidents, Juan Antonio Coloma, Patricio Melero, Julio Dittborn and Ernesto Silva, tried to vote for Javier Macaya.

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