Friday , March 5 2021

"Supported human rights in Chile"

Father of Camilo Catrillanca, Marcelo Catrillanca, he had Registered trademarkWhere La Araucania refers to the responsibilities of different governments in the militarization of militarization, and where all the administrations have been itar the same La since their return to democracy.

Father of Mapuche comunero who lost his life on November 14th "No government was authorized to act"and these situations continue in a way that "the poor and the Mapuras continue to suffer."

Catrillanca criticizes former president's role Michelle Bachelet As the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights. According to him, the former president "badly" represents the position, "Approves of violence against human rights in Chile".

Also, who is he "What was the Jungle Command at first?".

"Conditions not provided"

Camilo's father said the reason he didn't want to meet President Sebastián Piñera was: "Conditions not provided": The withdrawal of the Jungle Command, the separation of Andrés Chadwick from the Government and the reconstruction of the Mapuche territory.

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A particular concern for Marcelo Catrillanca is the resignation of Chadwick, and he and his family asked the prosecutor to take a statement. And He is the first person to see my son guilty “, Confirmed.

La Araucanía recently criticized Jorge Atton's new mayor for his "military" tweets. Such statements that make him "An invalid interlocutor" For the Catrillanca family.

Finally, he criticized the Minister for Social Development. Alfredo Morenoand he threw out any possible presidential desire: "The Araucania Plan was a great failure for Mr. Alfredo Moreno."

Memories of your son

Marcelo Catrillanca recalls Camilo "Example of a son" "he had no problems with anyone".

She admitted feeling nostalgic, but said to her granddaughter and to focus on Camilo's pregnant partner. "They've suffered more than me."He approves of himself, and so he is building the house that Camilo has prepared for them. Içinde I want to let him rest in peace within the house he wants to have, ist he added.

He's excited to see his son's face everywhere, and he knows it. "Camilo crossed the border".

“I find myself sometimes happy or sad, but I want to know what the truth is. I want to know who the carbine killed my son, "he said.

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