Thursday , September 16 2021

Super Nintendo World’s Donkey Kong area may already be under construction

Super Nintendo World, the Super Mario Zone at Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, is finally opening, after a few delays Nintendo may already be expanding the park. As noted by the VGCDe fact, social media posts by visitors to Saint Joseph University recently showed a backdrop of cranes, scaffolding, and jungle around Super Nintendo World, suggesting that the work is in progress. Donkey Kong common area.

Neither Nintendo nor Universal has revealed their Donkey Kong plans, but there were rumors years ago. Initial concept images leaked from Super Nintendo World included plans for a separate Donkey Kong-themed area, including a minecart-shaped roller coaster. When it opened, Super Nintendo World was only Mario-inspired, but there’s a noticeably large closed door (above) that appears to have served as the entrance to a Donkey Kong-style section of the park. DK asset data was also collected from the USJ app, indicating additional collections have been added to the park.

Donkey Kong fits perfectly into the existing Super Nintendo World theme park. Mario first appeared in the original. donkey kong Of course it’s an arcade game and Donkey Kong also shows up in games like: Mario Kart And various Mario-themed sports series. Therefore, the addition should not affect the sense that Super Nintendo World is a cohesive park. But that means the park doesn’t actually cover all of Nintendo’s IP addresses. legend of zelda A particularly pronounced feeling.

Universal also plans to open Nintendo locations at its parks in Hollywood, Orlando, and Singapore, though it’s yet to be confirmed when construction on either of them will be complete.

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