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Summary of how things go



One of the recurring exercises at the close of the year is to identify the elements that have marked what is going on within the year, in addition to determining what tendencies will point to things in the following year. In other words, to determine which events, movements and news affect the things that companies do and what they will do in the future.

It is not easy to determine what are the decisive moments that will accelerate the markets and have a lasting impact on the marketing and advertising strategy of companies. A lot of things happen, and many of them have a high transcendence, but everything that happens is likely to be elements that will have a more lasting effect.

Facebook and all the reputation collapse

The YouTube scandal and collisions and new deliveries also reverberate in 2018, but this year's reputation is not a major decline (actually 2017), but not Facebook. Facebook has had a historic year with its reputation and results that can go beyond this month. It is unlikely that Facebook will be free from the effects that took place a few minutes after eating the grapes.

Everything started at the beginning of the year when the Cambridge Analytica scandal was uncovered. The company, which specializes in data analysis and closes in the middle of criticism, used the information collected through Facebook to outline its political marketing campaigns. The scandal grew and grew, sat down to defend Mark Zuckerberg's company in the US Senate and created a brutal crisis of crisis with Facebook (although the social network continues to cause too much trouble for advertisers' dollars).

Last delivery was a few weeks ago To New York Times It revealed how the company created not only the company's image, but also how it manages the reputation and communication crisis (using very bad, brief, and dirty games), which is also a reputation for the brand's personal brand, CEO Zearerberg. and his COO's of Sheryl Sandberg.

Death of Facebook and organic access

The collapse of the Facebook image means that the other issues in which the company is involved in marketing are in fact that marketing and advertising are very important (even more specifically – in terms of direct impact). Facebook has already reached the dreaded zero day (more or less). The organic access in the social network is dead.

Facebook announced new rules for content in January. After initiating various arrangements that punished popular brand and media applications in the social network, he now went without direct and warm cloths. In January, the social network announced that it would prioritize the content of friends and family over the media and pages, because the users of the social network wanted to see – to defend them. Facebook & # 39; s, before the loss of their results before the disappearance, could be the solution.

The impact on the pages was brutal at the level of stink of organic access. In the following months, they were announcing the closing of online media titles that could not survive the collapse of traffic.

In the meantime, videos became a burden for online media, which became the center of success in social media. Millionaire was no longer a miraculous key to reach the masses.

European Data Protection Act

When the year 2000 began, everyone had a great misfortune, a sinking, a '& # 39; there was a bit of anticipation. The error was called the year 2000 effect, and the media and analysts were months before the change of boredom. The computers were not ready to change the millennium, they said, and they would stop working at 31-11 nights. It would be history. The day came to a january and absolutely nothing happened. The world is not over.

With the European Data Protection Act, it could be said that such a thing was taking place in the weeks before all warnings and fears had come into force (if you talked to some marketers in those days, they had not slept with too much derivative work, and for the moment there was no reason for any major collapse (or even some American media). and online stores are no longer available from Europe).

The RGPD / GDPR came into effect in May in the European Union, enabling consumers to gain greater access to and control over their personal data. Companies should follow this and change their rules and conditions. For several weeks, the mailers have filled in more mailings to their customers' mailboxes and requesting confirmation and information (and making their users annoying).

Terrible year of television

The television crisis isn't exactly new. They have been suffering for a while now in the United States and have been experiencing the effects of the ve cord breakers a explosion for several years. In Europe, television producers have embraced the idea that it is not yet with them. It is impossible for them to continue to believe that they are right.

2018 has become clear that the television crisis has not only become more prominent, but it has also become clear that television has affected audiences of all sorts of audiences (only millennia and Generation Z), but the work began to be faster than expected. The blow was given with a study by Zenith. This, he said, would spend much more time watching television on television until 2019. Change will be global.

Crisis in Apple

The queen of technology companies and people expect each new iPhone (not much different from the previous model), and Apple has begun to lose its magic as the biggest news of the year.

In the final presentation of the results, they confirmed that they would not meet expectations in the Christmas campaign: the sales speech that the company had hoped to close during the campaign would be lower than what analysts thought would be. In addition, they announced that they had stopped giving sales criteria for certain products, and that they were expecting that these numbers would always start to get worse. Sales figures have been announced because Apple is very new & # 39; Stopped seeing and lost its luster as a brilliant brand.

In recent days, Apple has lost its historical value on the stock market and has ceased to be the most valuable technology company in the world. In fact, a few years ago there has been a surprisingly visible movement. Apple was developed by Microsoft. Now we have the most valuable in the technology market.

Boom, explosion and impact

The life cycle of the impactor experienced a moment of expansion and death during this year. It is not a great solution to be questioned for months, with some footnotes.

The story of how they grow, grow and stay in the shade can be quickly summarized. Considering the situation of events and the problems with their viewers, influencers seemed to be a solution for brands. They have overcome the problems that algorithms put on brands in social networks, have been seen as more reliable and closer by consumers, and also have very good access and interaction data. The brands saw the sky open and started betting them.

But suddenly the influencers have started to appear everywhere (tree influences have fallen!), Especially those who want to make money and want to release everything without adding value, and as the explosion in purchasing shows, the market is breaking the profiles. follower and engagement. That's why it's so impressive.

Explosion of in-house agencies and the general crisis of agencies

The crisis touches not only on new things, but also on those who have been settled for a long time. Agencies, which are one of the repetitive elements of marketing and advertising activities and dating back centuries, have not had a very positive year in 2018.

They are in a general crisis, and it is becoming increasingly difficult for companies to show why they are valuable and why they need them, and they will also be able to compete with the new players that revive their markets. This stands out among the new competitors. They are in-house agencies that are increasingly involved in the interior of large corporations and who are already engaged in doing what external organizations do. Companies want to be faster and faster in terms of costs, but also have much more control.

Politics was on the game

It is not our duty to make a political summary of the year, but it has no choice but to look at companies, read and come to conclusions. And a few years ago this policy was something in the background, and news wasn't something that influenced companies in their marketing strategy, and now it's happening.

2018 was the year when politics entered the game market. Consumers want companies to stand and clearly show who they are. His controversial statement with Nike's case and Colin Kaepernick is the clearest example of what the new land needs to move.

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