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Suitable for experimental and total bald


We are in one of the most wanted times of bald people. To do this, you have just received a lottery ticket and other things around you to find an alopécico or a cheposo. The tradition of rubbing a Christmas ticket. According to the legend, having circular shapes like raffle drums would bring good luck to this role, in which you have the illusion of changing houses, buying a car, or simply placing Ef plugs Ef.

However, the tradition of scrubbing tickets to increase the likelihood of becoming rich is growing harderl. Reason: Numerous treatments against baldness. Now, there may be a new scientific discovery about hair regeneration in the skin that is subject to some injuries. first step for a new treatment According to a study published in the journal, to eliminate baldness science.

Scientists from the US have found a way to grow in the damaged areas of hair. These can be done by stimulating the communication occurring in the fibroblasts (cells that give the skin and the collagen protein that gives the hair, shape and strength). Grow hair in the injured skin in a few weeks.

Currently experiment Only in micebut everything shows that it can help develop new treatments against common baldness.

"Our results indicate that stimulation of fibroblasts can be triggered by the Hedgehog path. ever-growing hair growth The wounds, çalış said Mayumi Ito, cell biologist and one of the authors of the study at Langone Health Medical Center in New York.

Thus, if certain skin cells communicate in the embryonic phase, they may cause the hair to return to the skin due to wounds or burns. Also, Can help revive hair bald people.

Although he is pleased with the discovery, scientists have underlined it for now. Only worked in rodents. However, they emphasize that this serves to better understand how biological processes work to save hair.

In particular, we investigate the area where the body emerged. The first roots of hair follicles. Scientists are working on base camp to achieve a renewed hair growth.

Currently research continues with a look Knowing how the healing process works Be able to trigger this hair growth by changing some signals that send the cells. The next step for researchers is to find genetic or chemical triggers that can help activate the gene that allows the hair to grow when it is completely removed.

Other methods against baldness

American scientists while they continue research To offer this treatment to people, others have already arrived in Spain as new treatment for baldness: 800 euros per year and four punctures.

About emerging technique The most common baldness that affects men and women in our country is androgenic alopecia. The follicular root includes inserting several dutasteride microinjections.

Hair graft is done like this

This is not the only treatment offered to the Spaniards. On the market you can find grafts, lotions and pills; but be careful and Do not be fooled by legends and legends about hair loss.

However, if the patient does not want to take surgery or take pills, a group of Korean researchers has developed a new method based on a portable device (wearable) that can promote its development. use of laser light on the skin.

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