Friday , December 3 2021

Strong declarations of his father carabinero arrested by the Catrillanca case


Second sergeant Raúl Avila Morales (Destroys GoPro's memory card), first sergeant Carlos Alarcón Molina, first Braulio Valenzuela Aránguiz and non-officer Patricio Sepúlveda Muñoz.

These names Four old carabineros that are part of the operation of the Jungle Command ended with killing Camilo Catrillanca last November 14th Ercilla, In the La Araucanía Region.

Four officials charged delayed murder, attempted murder and prevention research.

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Against this situation Aladdin ValenzuelaThe father of Valenzuela, now an old institution, now continues his son's detention. "This is a tremendous injustice."

Refusing to talk about a relative, who announced their microphones CNN Chile "We're suffering and we're still coming to disturb us. Why don't they go to this poor Mapuche?"The father said that his son was wrong to be arrested because he was in his work and someone could have made a mistake, but not everyone should be imprisoned" –

"There's a lot of booming for the kids there."He added.

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On the other hand, Marcelo CatrillancaMapuche comunero's father pointed out that he had to know that "someone who really kills my son is carabinero." We want justice done and this man can face".

"He is friendly and This really killed us & # 39; can say"He added.

Ballistic report

Cristián ParedesThe State Prosecutor's Office of La Araucanía, the background of Human Rights Unit of the District Prosecutor the key to the investigation. Iz At this point we can transfer. the investigation has tangible resultshe said, 'We will contribute with peace of mind.'

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"We have developed a series of measures every two weeks: we have received and received testimonies from more than 50 people, and we have prepared numerous expert reports in the last days of the autopsy report, A ballistic preliminary report was made by the PDI laboratory last night, allowing us to clarify the facts and the formulation of the costs. "We hope to do it before the court", explained the persecution.

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