Saturday , July 2 2022

Shenmue III lifted more than $ 7 MDD


After the sudden end of Dreamcast, many fans of that time thought that everything was said for unforgettable titles. Shenmu to. But the passage of time was just waiting for an award and today only Shenmue I and II Thanks to the remasterization launched this year, the third installment will be expected in the last days of the collection campaign.

Yesterday, the official site Shenmue III Kickstarter has been updated since 2015 with information on the latest donation campaign that earned a total of $ 7,179,510 after receiving support from the sponsors. In this sense, Ys Net thanked 81.087 sponsor support. Believing in the project and to pay attention to the development in a process that will result in the launch of 27 August 2019. At the same time, the best effort is to provide the title that the development team deserves and long-waited for the development team, the first few months expected.

Shenmue III next year will start on PS4 and PC on August 27th. If you want to know the most important moments in your sponsorship and development history, check this link.

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