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Senator Girardi, Carozzi …


The parliamentarian blames the pasta company for "carrying out a dangerous communication campaign" for "misrepresenting and misrepresenting" a public health policy, such as the "Labeling Act".

Senator Guido GirardiThe chairman of the Senate Health Commission and the author of the Nutrition Labeling Act participated in this review with the Secretariat of the Ministry of Regional Affairs of the Ministry of Health. Hernán CalderónPresident of National Consumers and Users Association (Conadecus) complained against Carozzi "to attack children's health."

Parliamentary and social leader blames pasta company "conduct a permanent communication campaign" This aims to "misrepresent and misrepresent" a public health policy, such as the Labeling Law.

"Article 53 of the Law on Health is very clear and prohibits any campaigning, dissemination or propaganda to raise questions and raise questions about public policy on prevention."He explained Girardi.

"Obviously, the law is violated here, and we want the authorities to give a clear indication of the political pressures they will not exert or force, and that they must comply with applicable laws.", stressed legislative officer.

The parliamentarian announced this "Chile has one of the highest prevalence of childhood obesity and overweight, and also adults have pathologies that are our main causes of death, such as cancer, heart attacks, vascular accidents and complications of hypertension and diabetes."

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"Prevention is the Chilean National Congress, which is considered the most effective strategy to prevent obesity, by its greatest strategy and by a large majority, it is a public policy with this goal." WHO-FAO experts prepared a book with this initiative. To serve as a model for other countries in the world "senator said.

Girardi recalled the initiative "The Academy of Sciences, Pediatrics and Nutrition was drafted by the Chilean communities and had extensive technical support."

Senator PPD noted:most of the industry has complied with the law, but others do not. We respect the right to the view, but Carozzi has gone beyond that and has developed concrete propaganda actions for misrepresentation and deception. In December 2016, to say that the laws are bad, they confuse the public and the children, the faces are said to be & # 39; they financed. Stop lying to them all the scientific world & # 39; and they had to retreat. "

The legislator added last June "They spread another campaign through social networks – which goes beyond the right to say – that the stamps are not working for 100 grams and must be in the parts that can be manipulated and thus prevent them".

"An industry that is said to be serious is a 17-year-old, published in La Tercera on Saturday, and the law is negative, and on Sunday the president (Gonzalo Bofill) said it should be replaced., the legislator pointed out.

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"The next day, the Minister of Health (Emilio Santelices) made an assessment by Chilean, Diego Portales and North Carolina universities, which stated that the consumption of soft drinks decreased by 25% and 9%. , the deputy said.

For the legislator Görünüyor One thing is the right to acquire ideas and the other is to develop a harmonious campaign that is actually a policy against the children of this country. Try the law to suit your interests.

Girardi said that "By maximizing their profits, an industry that tries to block and question a state policy can be used, so there are no seals and it is impossible to sell garbage in apparently healthy packages and make them misleading advertising".


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