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See the Best Sounds 2018 list in Latin America


Buenos Aires (Intranigent). In America, especially in Latin America, the first list Best Sounds in LinkedIn, Every regional member stands out for publications, articles, videos and comments. This choice relates to professionals who share their knowledge and perspectives, better inform everyone, and produce speeches that stimulate engaging conversations between sectors and countries.

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According to the article by Natalia Fabeni, editors LinkedIn Flagship Relevance is responsible for the selection and discovery of the most distinguished, committed and active members in the key segments of the world. In addition, Fabeni emphasizes that it is not an easy task taking into account the amount of publications: more than two million, providing thousands of comments and interactivity between users and followers.

Later, Natalia emphasizes the procedure for finding these sounds: they use a combination of data and editorial decisions. When evaluating, we take into account the commitment of each professional who shares his or her knowledge according to his experience, and we analyze what kind of speeches he creates from this original content, and as a result: monitor the relative growth of the audience.

The list of the most noticeable Top Voices must be of quality and variety to reflect the world in which we work. On the other hand, when the election was taken into consideration, it lasted a year, from September to September 2018, and during this election period, Microsoft did not consider LinkedIn employees. .

See the list of Best Voices LinkedIn 2018:

-Ana Mara Gutirrez Daz | Human Resources Consultant and Employment Coach (Santiago de Chile)
The main content is how to search for more effective work through non-traditional channels such as networking, personal branding and participation in events.

-More Romero | Business woman, coach and founder of Tacos Fuertes community (Lima, Peru)
Women's empowerment and gender equality are the main issues addressed by Ana in their publications.

-Carlos Rosales | CEO at Neurosales Consultants, Business Development Manager at Bogot, Colombia
In his publications, Carlos prints his passion for selling. My duty is to honor the sales profession and therefore I write an article about negotiation, persuasion, commercial techniques and customer service every week.

-Elvis Caballero | Coach and marketing, technology and employability consultant at Circulopresente (Santiago de Chile)
Elvis publications cover personal, strategic and operational marketing and inbound marketing. It also generates content on employability, entrepreneurship and motivation.

-Juan del Cerro | Founder and CEO at Disruptivo y Socialab México (Mexico City, Mexico)
The content of Juan, social entrepreneurship, businesses that produce a positive effect and try to solve the major problems of the planet. He also talks about how his own initiative is progressing to the day.

-Leo Piccioli | Entrepreneur, speaker and author (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
Leadership, innovation and management, especially from the intersection of three, are a popular theme for Leo as a fun and honest approach to writing on LinkedIn.

-Manuela Villegas | S Seor Agencia CEO Water (Bogot, Colombia)
The range of topics addressed by Manuela includes disciplines such as inbound marketing, digital marketing, and empowerment of women from enterprises.

– Mr Mrquez | Managing Partner and Founder of Future Experts (Mexico City, Mexico)
Nstor's content on digital transformation and the future of the business aims to enable LinkedIn members and organizations and governments to be aware of future challenges and find ways to incorporate these concepts more efficiently. .

-Samantha Magadn | Kandidaat's CEO and Career Coach (Mexico City, Mexico)
The production of Samantha includes topics such as trends in the labor market, observations on the current employment system in Mexico, and best practices for job seekers.

-Santiago Bilinkis | Quasar Builders (Buenos Aires, Argentina) CEO & co-founder
Santiago describes himself as a serial entrepreneur and technologist, and although the articles are about various topics, he writes mostly about entrepreneurship and technology.

-Susana von der Heide | President VON DER HEIDE (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
In his articles, Susana describes the synergy between technology and humanism, and at the same time offers insights that enable people to become the most important sector of a company.

-Sylvia Ramrez Rueda | Director of the Office of International Happiness (Bogot, Colombia)
The dominant themes in Sylvia's publications are leadership, happiness, emotional intelligence and personal branding.

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