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Scientists protect medicine from baldness | Photo of 1/4 | science


science Even if the phenomenon discovered has not been explored, it is unexpectedly full of great discoveries that come by chance.

Many of these discoveries belong to the pharmacological field, whose side effects are unexpectedly the area of ​​drugs that solve other medical problems.

One of the best-known examples is viagra, which is thought to treat chest pain at first, but if you wait for it, they have found a side effect that benefits thousands of men around the world. One of these coincidences is devices such as penicillin or pacemaker.

Due to the continuous curiosity and observation capacity of the researchers, it is possible to identify side effects that eventually become new drugs for the treatment of different diseases from those initially investigated.


A team of physicians from the Massachusetts General Hospital is advancing through these lines where they discover the side effects of dupilumab, a drug approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of eczema in the skin. .

JAMA The discovery published in dermatology and reflected in the science website EurekAlert The drug revealed that when he was treating a eczema in a 13-year-old patient, he had begun to offer positive results not only of the aforementioned disease, but of alopecia he had been experiencing since he was two years old. He lost all the hair in his body.

Alopecia is an autoimmune disorder that causes total hair loss because the immune system begins to attack the patient's hair roots.

The treatment, which started in July 2017, consisted of a weekly drug injection. Six months later, the symptoms of eczema improved, but surprisingly she began to give some fine hairs on the patient scalp. As time went on and more hair appeared on his head following the treatment, and this began to show pigmentation.

In fact, when the patient had to stop the treatment due to problems with his insurance, the hair began to fall and then returned when he returned to the injections.


Dermatologists treating the patient have not yet found the cause of these attacks compared to the patient's alopecia. They think that the immunological pathway that causes the eczema has common elements with total alopecia, and this is exactly where the dupilumab will act.

However, it is currently not known whether this drug can serve other people suffering from this disease, but the researchers wanted to start clinical trials with more patients.

The new target is now to reproduce the results obtained in other patients, and if positive, a new drug to solve baldness will be very close. Just stay for the wait.

With hyper text information, EurekAlert.

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