Saturday , July 2 2022

Santiago Pavlovic from TVN in Copihue de Oro: "Keeping up and defending ourselves" | TV and Show


team Special report was the winner of the prize Best Newspaper Program Copihue de Oro in 2018.

He managed to beat the symbolic space of TVN In his own trap, Butterfly Effect, Secret Mission, Maximum Warning and Your time has come.

headers Santiago PavlovichThe entire team went to receive the award, however, became a journalist who took part in the TVN to talk about the importance of information and the crisis.

"We're in the middle of some kind of downfall of our channel, there are serious problems that everyone knows are due to directors and directors, but we are. We stand and defend ourselves ", he pointed out.

"We want to do real journalism. We know that entertainment is important, but also information and reflection are important. because you have complaints that affect the military. When you have complaints about Carabineros, we need to report on health in Chile.

Uz That's why we stand today, and we would like to thank the peoples who vote democratically for this and the Shakes. We are determined to continue true journalism. "He finished it.

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