Saturday , January 23 2021

Samsung to launch new Galaxy Buds wireless headphones with Galaxy S21

The next flagships Samsung will reveal to us are expected to be the rumored Galaxy S21 (all variants). However, it doesn’t seem like these phones will come on their own since then. The company will release a new version of Galaxy Buds, according to a recent leak.

In the announcement of the Galaxy Note 20 family, we saw the emergence of Galaxy Buds Live, which is not overlooked especially due to its designs. These became official six months after Buds Plus. Thus, new hearing aids are also expected six months apart among some gadgets and others of his style.

Perfected with Galaxy Buds Plus

The main difference will be: view Proportion of (so-called) released in January It would have been more inspired by the original Buds and Buds Plus.and not on Buds Live. Advanced functions will come with this design.

On the one hand, active noise cancellation (Active Noise Cancellation, YEARS) would be more optimal in-ear design will effectively seal the ear canal to provide natural level noise cancellation. Same way, environment mode will improve. The second is a function that allows external noise to pass through the headphones so that you can be aware of your surroundings.

Curiously, Until now, it is unclear what the name of new wireless hearing aids will be in a final and commercial way. Yes, an arrival in colors similar to those already known of this type wearable devices Of the South Korean brand.

Source: SamMobile

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