Friday , June 24 2022

Samsung apologizes for the sickness and death of workers | International | news


Seoul –

Samsung Electronics apologized on Friday for some workers' illness and death. could not create a safe working environment in microchip and display factories.

The announcement was made weeks after the technology giant and a group representing Samsung employees agreed to the conditions of compensation proposed by the mediator to close a deal.more than a decade of conflict. The company's apology was part of the deal.

The head of the Device Solutions section of Samsung, Kinam Kim, the company "did not address health threats adequately" Semiconductor production lines and liquid crystal displays. As described in the reports Associated Press Ten years ago, dozens of employees occupied these positions They have serious diseases such as leukemia and brain tumors.

"We offer our sincere apologies to the workers who deal with our diseases and their families"Kim said in a press conference in Seoul, said the activists and relatives of the affected people, he said.

However, despite closing the agreement and accepting errors in security standards Samsung has not yet fully recognized the working environment as a direct cause of illness..

The civil movement against Samsung began in 2007 when the taxi driver Hwang Sang-gi refused to accept a deal. 23-year-old girl died of leukemia after working in a group factory. Hwang's efforts to clarify Yu-mi's cause of death and to blame a multinational for working conditions problems led to a wider movement to ensure that governments and companies are responsible for security failures in industries. Chips and sieve using a large amount of chemicals.

"Given the deception and humiliation we live in, we cannot apologize. (The sufferings suffered from occupational diseases for the last 11 years from Samsung, the pain of the loss of loved ones, "Hwang spoke to the press conference." But today I accept the promise of Samsung as an apology.

According to the agreement Samsung will compensate for some of the diseases suffered by people working in chip and LCD factories since 1984.including compensation Earned 150 million ($ 132,000) by leukemia. Payments will include abortion and congenital diseases in children of workers, such as childhood cancer.

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