Wednesday , November 25 2020

Ruth Gamarra has already introduced a grandmother … And granddaughter!


An XL bib is short for the symbolic girl of "Mekano", with Ruth Gamarra – more and less than nothing – turned into only a grandmother. And of course, with a maximum chochera, he didn't hesitate to introduce the new person of his dreams to the people: his granddaughter.

"I present Luciano Mateluna … dying of love"Wrote in one of her Instagram stories, showing the new member of the family who was the fruit of the relationship between Ruth's 20-year-old daughter Kiara Vargas. "Welcome to my love" Completed in a new publication.

Now let's remember a few months ago that the new grandmother knows through social networks. "I am the world's happiest woman! My baby will have a baby! We are looking for the name of his grandson! Yes, I am an early grandmother … !! Kiara love my life! And thanks for raising our family! We are alone in Chile!

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