Saturday , April 17 2021

Rosemarie responded after leaving the "Mekano Tour"

A few days ago it was known that Rosemarie Dietz left the "Mekano" Tour of 2018 for "recurring irresponsibility departments", which was confirmed by executive director Carlos Sandía, who organized these events.

In fact, her blond friend "kidfriend" kidnapped "Mekano" to take part in the birth of Arenguiz.

In the middle of this scenario, he decided to throw steam from an Instagram shipment: "Just tell him that you know the truth. God is great! And when you are good at life, there are always bad people who are trying to get out of the way and go the wrong way. But I'm strong, so I'm strong For me nothing is ending, on the contrary, I have Rose for a while. sür Kisses wrote.

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