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River Plate etc. Boca Juniors: Where will we watch the timeline and Copa Libertadores final? International Football


© AFP River Plate etc. Boca Juniors: Where will we watch the timeline and Copa Libertadores final

This Saturday will win the main tournament of the clubs in South America at the end of the day. The first leg is equal to 2-2.

Unpublished super final Copa Libertadores de América 2018This Saturday, in the Monumental, contains far more than a title's disagreement. River Plate and CA Boca JuniorsA hundred-year-old arch-enemies of Argentina football, honor and prestige, will be played in the most important games of their history.

They had to pass 58 copies of the maximum club tournament. CONMEBOL The heroes of one of the world's greatest classics, the two teams with the greatest tradition of America, will meet for two weeks in a whole planet speaking finale.

River Plate etc. Boca Juniors: Video showing La Bombonera doing

In the preview of the final rematch of the Copa Libertadores final, xeneizes fans joined the stadiums, demonstrating this incredible record to encourage their players.

From Mourinho to Bielsa, from Simeone to Maradona. No one in the world of football was unaware of the exuberance of super classics, and the first duel of the end of the "end of the century" by the Argentines was sealed in Bombonera.

"Millionaires" withdrew from the Boca temple with a smile, because Marcelo Gallardo's plan prevented the triumph of the victory with a sanction of Conmebol. mouthThere was always a scoreboard in front of us and left the panorama open to solve in Monumental.

The Baby and the Twin know that it is necessary to go with the best soldiers in the battle of the Monumental War, but they both fell out of the first important bouncing party in Bombonera.

Striker "xeneize" Cristian Pavón, a muscular injury-affected game half-hour retired and "millionaire" Colombian Rafael Santos Borré, the accumulation of yellows will lead to a low attack.


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17:00 River Plate. Boca Juniors
(Matched 2-2 on the first leg)
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