Saturday , November 28 2020

Rionegro and Junior played in a real match

From the start of the match, Junior became very aggressive, Teofilo Gutiérrez took the first goal of Juan Valencia in 6 minutes. The ball was extended by a cross from the corner.

7 minutes later, the first choice for the locals came from Leando Velázques, helped Jhonny Vásquez to shoot a long shot from a wide range.

Rionegro began to control the ball and in the 16th minute Carlos Ramírez finished his left leg and gave a second warning to the target defended by Sebastián Viera.

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The game stopped frequently because of the number of fouls that occurred in the first 20 minutes.

Junior 's striker Luis Diaz was still looking for the goal of Águilas, and in the 19th minute, he had a clear choice when he finished the area after the great help of Teófilo Gutíerrez.

Duo Díaz / Teo didn't stop breaking the local defense, which began to create a space where sharks sometimes get a little confused.

Jarlan Barrera took the lead in the first minutes, as he often sought vacuum transitions to separate the score from his two hands.

1 – 1 The home crowd was not impressed, however.

The first time I went off with a 0-0, Rionegro had to rest as all the barranquillero's pressure increased.

In the second half, Águilas Doradas went to look for the match and created the first chance in the 46th minute.

Everything showed that the party would move more in the second half, and despite the fact that Rionegro looked at it, the tie was broken by the score of Luis Diaz at the 49th minute. has managed to defeat.

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& # 39; & # 39 Sharks; just 3 more minutes to extend the gap in Alberto Grisales, midfielder Jarlan Barrera scored a big shot after Teófilo Gutiérrez.

Leandro Velázquez tried to reduce the difference with a heading on the left side of the Viera team.

Junior took the lead and, after 20 minutes to the end of the game, Luis Diaz scored a 0-3 score to complete a low chance for Rionegro to return.

Águilas Doradas continued persistently in the 82nd minute, but the Junior defense was intensified.

3 minutes later Carlos Ramírez discounted for the locals and put a partial of 1-3 with a big headline. 88 minutes later came to 2-3, Rionegro awoke, but it was too late, despite the attacks in the last 10 minutes, the effort brought him the tie, but left open for play in Barranquilla.

The second leg will be played at Barranquilla Metropolitan on 25 November at 05:15.

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