Tuesday , March 2 2021

Report: We will soon receive a new version of Batman: Arkham Collection

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Are you one of the ones who can't get into the incredible games of the series for some reason or another? Batman Arkham? If so, then we recommend that you look carefully. Warner Bros and Rocksteady They will soon launch a package containing the main headings of this acclaimed trilogy.

sites Real Achievements reports containing traces (including images) Microsoft Store searched for a new magazine Batman: Arkham Collection. The package Batman: Arkham Asylum, Batman: The Arkham City and Batman: The Arkham KnightThey are also released for all DLCs.

The description of the package found will be available on Tuesday, November 27th and the collection will be available tomorrow. Xbox One XShows that they work in 4K resolution.

Currently, it is not known whether this package can access other platforms. PS4 or PC), Up to the price to be sold. If it was real, would he?

Source: Real Achievements

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