Saturday , November 28 2020

Removed from Maluma music & # 39; (7 days)

Unexpected. Colombian singer Maluma, at the height of her career, suffered some kind of existential crisis and announced her temporary retirement (seven days) to music.

The controversial Reguetonero, who surprised thousands of fans by the announcement of his Instagram account, should take a break.

And what is the reason? Vortex of video clips, presentation of their latest album, F.A.M.E., Detailing the official song of the past world football of Russia, etc.

Apparently, Maluma has spent a lot of energy in recent months and needs several days to charge his batteries as he reported.

"I need some time for myself, for Juan Luis, I have to walk, meditate, do yoga, pray, increase my soul; He wrote it.

In the same social network, he shared an image of practicing yoga with his dog: "Meditation with a very good company" is a myth.

Recently, Maluma reported again after receiving the Latin Grammy award for the best pop vocal album of the year. Many people who consistently condemned the manifest arguments and attitudes of Maluma music did not understand this definition and shared their discomfort over Twitter. The same arguments arose among some of his colleagues until the point where the press officer Natalia Lafourcade ran to the point that Maluma's name came into being exactly the same as the Grammy winner. As expected, the photo was virgled.

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