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"Each application of the PSU is a new challenge," said Leonor Varas, the director of DEMRE, on 26th and 27th of November, 2018. You must carry your identity card, pen and rubber to take the exam.

Sunday, November 25, 2018 11:30


Ready for all application University Selection Test (PSU) will be held on Monday, November 26th and Tuesday, November 27th. 294,176 will receive the measurement in any of the 181 chairs organized by the Department of Assessment, Measurement and Training of the University of Chile (DEMRE).

Application calendar corresponding test Acceptance Process of Single Admissions System for Rectors and Board Members 2019 Rooms will start with recognition, to be made November 25 Sunday each local active Between 05:00 and 19:00.. In this way, each applicant can meet the delivery rooms and remove any doubts in front of the head of the facility.

DEMRE: "Every application of PSU is a new challenge"

Birthday November 26 Language and Communication test (9:00) will be the order and the Science exam will take place at 20.30. Birthday November 27 The sequence will correspond to Mathematics (9:00) and History, Geography and Social Sciences (2:30 pm).

psu 2

This year, the PSU will expand its inclusive nature through measures such as allowing submission of transgender people to its transcendent social identities, taking measures to transfer applicants from the Puchuncaví headquarters to Zapallar, or to create delivery offices in the region, such as Carretera Austral. Board of Directors

"Every application of the PSU is a new challenge. According to what is registered more than 290,000, DEMRE has been created all year round, because questions have been built, piloted and integrated into national logistics. Our mission is to ensure transparent, quality and fair operation This way, we reach all places in Chile, as in all big city centers, so that all students can work in the best conditions, ede says Leonor Varas, Director of DEMRE.

The results will be published on Wednesday, December 26 at DEMRE's website.and on the same day, the implementation period will continue until Sunday, December 30, 2018 until 13:00.

What do I need for delivery?

  • ID card
  • ID card or passport
  • Graphite pencil hb
  • Rubber to wipe

Optional Items Allowed:

  • Bottle with water
  • Accentuating

Prohibited items:

  • Mobile phones, hearing aids and other electronic devices
  • Bags and backpacks

Is it necessary to go to Hall Recognition?

No. It is strongly recommended that you can calculate your travel times and find your facilities and delivery rooms. And if you have any problems or queries, it's the right time to do it to your local authorities.

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