Thursday , August 5 2021

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Last October, the new Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage 's 2019 budget grew by 4%, but the institutions like the pre-Columbian Art Museum learned that an average cut-off of 30% would be made. Balmaceda 1215, BioBío Regional Theater, Violeta Parra Museum, Matucana 100 and Teatro a Mil Foundation.

The criticism of the executive did not expect: milyon The fact is that we cannot understand a segment of this magnitude because it overcomes a group of institutions that play a key role in the development of the work of the Ministry, Bak says Cristóbal Gumucio Matucana 100, receiving $ 664 million in 2018 and only $ 479 next year (30% more less). . These beings must be linked to the growing force of education and development of the country, instead of being limited ector, the actor and National Award added Hector Noguera as an intercultural response of the cultural world.

However, everything was reversed in Congress after 19:00 yesterday. In one of the recent debates on the budget of the 2019 budget attended by six executives of the affected institutions, Gumucio (Matucana 100), Loreto Bravo (Balmaceda Arte Joven), Carmen Romero (Teatro a Mil Foundation), Cecilia García-Huidobro (Violeta Parra Museum), Francisca Peró ( Teatro Biobío) and Carlos Aldunate (Museum of Pre-Columbian Art) – Hacienda confirmed the return of public treasury funds.

The cultures portfolio will increase its budget by $ 1,200 million, for which $ 1,080 million will be used to recover the contributions of the six centers and the remaining $ 120 will go to other funds.

Good news for Chile's legacy! He said, "Without the support of the State, the development of culture is impossible for the renewal of resources, by thanking the citizens, the artists, the Parliament, the Ministry of Culture, the Ministry of Culture and the Government." On the Facebook page Violeta Parra Museum.

Carlos Aldunate from Valparaíso, director of the Colombian Museum of Colombia, Third: Iy It was an interesting strategy for parliamentarians to reject the extraordinary treasury of the State Treasury, where the money from the Ministry of Culture, where the problems were, would come from. The government's dialogue on the cultural world has created this agreement, but we should thank the parliamentarians for their support and for giving the government this issue. "

Consuelo Valdés, Minister of Culture, who will give a press spot in Valparaíso this morning, said: "Today, I am pleased to confirm that there has been an increase in the Budget of the Ministry of Culture of Congress. People who cooperate with the work of this portfolio. the fruit of the dialogue between the parliament and the cultural sector. par

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