Friday , December 3 2021

Possible connection between pollution in Quintero and the odor in Talcahuano: value survey | National


Félix González's assistant evaluated the investigation, chaired by the Lawyers' Office, between the contamination in Quintero and the possible link between the bad smell of Talcahuano in August. Enap & # 39; tan did not take any responsibility He ensured that his operations in the departments complied with the norm.

Various responses have been raised by the investigation process entrusted to the Bío Bío Prosecutor's Office. Possible connection between drain sections in Quintero and drainage in Talcahuano due to bad odors in the environment.

This fact, among other things, keeps the Enap company under the size of the Ministry of Public Administration for its operations. Transport of crude oil from Iran Both regions were performed several days apart.

In this sense, the assistant of Félix González valued the line on which the Department of Defense was based, to illuminate the origin and responsible of the pollution process in the fifth region.

They also stated that, although they doubted some companies, the damage to the population was gradual and not due to a specific pollution process. Environmental standards at WHO level.

Remberto Valdés, who also interprets the lawyer of families in Quintero after the events of pollution, declared that he was pleased with the work of the Ministry of Public Works to address one of the issues addressed in the complaints submitted to the competent Ministries.

In other news, Petrox union chairman Iván Montes says he expects the workers of Enap. Research results and ends with responsibleyes, he called for respect for the ongoing investigation process.

They reported the company itself in a press release, in which all oil transfer and treatment operations were adjusted according to the protocol and relevant regulations.

Because of this reason they participated in the researched factsTo provide all information that the Ministry needs for the process.

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