Wednesday , October 20 2021

Pool swindler: arrest the guy to halve costs and escape money | National


Los Andes from PDI, man, accused of defrauding people, construction of swimming pools so-calledbut this never came to fruition.

According to the Economic Crimes Investigation Brigade, the police unit responsible for the procedure, the modus operandi was simple: G.A.P.M & # 39; s (38) chief prosecutors used their social services to share and promote their work while offering their services. It just disappeared with unfinished business.

After contact with potential interested parties, by phone or WhatsApp, the defendants requested payment percentage to start work and once, after making the first black moves, he demanded another percentage in cash of the last payment.

after, just left the project and workers and fledJaime Álvarez, sub-governor of Bridec de Los Andes, said.

According to investigations, frauds are about seven people from different sectors of Los Andes, San Felipe and Panquehue. Thanks to his reports and his work in connection with the crime analysis of the PDI, It was possible to find out where the issue in the Oriente sector of the metropolitan area was.

In this way, the man was under the control of the Fourth Court of Santiago, where the future of the judiciary would be determined.

This article describes an ongoing judicial process.

There is a possibility that the accusation may be dismissed at the end of the investigation. The defendant should not be considered guilty. Until justice decides against him.
(Article 04 of the Code of Criminal Procedure)

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