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Agency One.

Staff of the Brigade Investigation Against Crimes Against the Environment and Cultural Heritage of the PDI, stole the stolen statues and The weapons corresponding to the time of the Pacific War.

Subprefect Pablo Ibarra After a job with the Prosecutor's Office of the High Commissioner of the Rancagua, the municipality announced a discovery on a hacienda. San Francisco de Mostazal

The sources of the investigation show that the works and the place of the works belong to the businessman. Raúl Schuler Gatica.

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After a long research and analysis, he was able to ascertain that there was a statue in place. Since 2003, he has been charged with theft. However, after the raid, more pieces ordered for theft were found in the property.

In particular, the staff of Bidema 8 statues were played at different times from Santiago General Cemetery, 2 statues (iron) from Santa Lucia Hill, various species from San Francisco church and stolen chests.

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He also seized weapons corresponding to the time of the Pacific War. Ibarra said these jobs will value between 150 and 200 million pesos.

Finally, it is now reported that there was no detention for this fact and that there was no request for a robbery on request.

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