Tuesday , December 1 2020

Piñera came under protests in Araucanía and attacked the deaths of Catrillanca | National

More than a week after Mapuche community member Camilo Catrillanca died and a political crisis broke out under the direction of Sebastián Piñera for Carabineros' criminal offense, the tension in this part of the country was far away.

Walks, barricades, taken streets, provocative attacks and the taking of schools are part of the scenario that the newly appointed mayor, Jorge Atton, took yesterday.

The authority was in complete silence and at the terminal, without waiting for the media waiting for him to arrive at the airport. He shook hands with the two governors of La Araucaní and then stayed in a van in the manner of a reporter.

Shortly after, Mayor Atton announced that the first thing he would do was internalize the regional situation.

"Thank you for the welcome, but tomorrow I prefer to talk, now I'm meeting with Gore, I'll meet all the teams, so let's internalize and talk about it," he said.

There's been a lot of violence, and everybody hurts. And we should not confuse ourselves here, we should not fight crime, we must fight terrorism under the laws, but with the full power of the law, the third point.

– Jorge Atton to Sebastián Piñera

Atton didn't come alone from Santiago. He was accompanied by the advisers of the Palacio de La Moneda, who understood that he would co-operate in the installation of his team and take over the management of the crisis.

Prior to his arrival in Temuco, the government's exemption from cyber security was taken over by President Sebastián Piñera and Interior Minister Andrés Chadwick in his presidential home.

At the meeting, which lasted 1 hour and 20 minutes, they also examined other aspects of the events, such as budgetary work and political work, which had been analyzed by Camilo Catrillanca after the death of Luis Mayol.

In the beginning of the meeting and in front of the television cameras, the President thanked him for accepting his staff.

Gibi Thank you very much for your admission. I think it's tough, demanding, but it's also a great task. For someone who was born and trained in La Araucanía, it's like going back to what you gave your region. "

Then Piñera Echenique announced the three priority axes that he should have in his tenure as Intendente. Execution of Plan Impulso Araucanía due to the productivity of the site; Deepen the cultural heritage of the region and finally ask for the fight against crime and terrorism in the law.

The mayor, Jorge Atton, responded with a clear message: they supported him from the central government.

"I thank you very much, President. I know the challenge, I talked to the minister and you. I know the people of the region and we must be openly confident, save the dialogue and give him a boost.

Sebastián Piñera will arrive at Temuco at 9 o'clock in the morning.

From the palace, it was decided that the President's decision would travel to the region to give a public signal and make a difference with the previous government and the political position they took with La Araucanía.

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