Friday , November 27 2020

Petrobras plans to halve Bolivian natural gas imports | economy

In a note published by Brazilian newspaper O Globo yesterday, Petrobras will examine the gas contract with Bolivia, which will end at the end of next year. The agreement signed with Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales Bolivianos (YPFB) enables the Brazilian state-owned company to import up to 34 million cubic meters per day.

According to the discussion in the technical fields of Petrobras, volumes need to be reduced by half; So, about 15 million cubic meters per day. This amount is equivalent to the state of San Pablo province.

The Bolivian gas import contract is one of the issues that the future president of the oil company, Roberto Castello Branco, needs to analyze.

Resources close to the manager, he still has a position on the subject, but the company's technical recommendation, according to O Globo'e would give importance, he says.

Even if the priority of the Brazilian state is to increase production in pre-salt areas (overseas), it is compulsory to pay a fee of 24 million cubic meters per day, even if it is not imported.

It should be remembered that purchases are 30 million cubic meters per day; However, due to the low domestic demand in recent years, the Brazilian state has too much gas to buy and cover the local market.

The possible drop in import of Bolivian gas by Petrobras is on the eve of an international public tender, which prepares the Brazilian National Petroleum Agency (ANP) for the next year and knows which companies can take on the gas service. .


The halving of gas imports from Bolivia is about to come. In June of last year, a study called the Bolivia de Gas Natural de Bolivia, conducted by the Brazilian Ministry of Mines and Energy, recommended that the gas purchase contract be renegotiated and that Bolivian imports should be reduced to 50% after 2019; I mean, 16 million cubic meters a day.

"For the new contracts, it is likely that the contract will be renewed for the purchase of Brazil's natural gas of Brazil after 2019, as it could design volumes that are lower than those negotiated for existing contracts," the document said.

The DUTY contacted the YPFB president, Barscar Barriga, who said he would be in Santa Cruz and would address the matter today.

In a meeting with the Mayor of Diario, in July 2017, the Minister of Hydrocarbons Luis Alberto Sánchez said the Bolivian gas market in Brazil reached 30, 35 and 40 million cubic meters every day. Bolivia should be more competitive in terms of price and cheaper than LNG.


According to the energy analyst Álvaro Ríos, Petrobras produces four or five years of gas from the Presal pitches and requires less Bolivian gas, so it is logical that imports will fall.

"Bolivia can negotiate contracts with private companies and increase its volume a little. The only thing that will not be there will be a State-State contract. We have to look at Petrobras as a company with responsibility for the country," Ríos said.

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