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Pedro Cayuqueo criticized the stay of Jungle Command in La Araucanía: La Part of the problem que | National


Mapuche journalist and author, Pedro CayuqueoThe government's insistence on maintaining the Forest Instrument in La Araucanía, Camilo Catrillanca's crime.

In his speech with ADN Noticias, the author of the "Secret History of Mapuche" wrote, "The police intervention is now well established." part of the problem, not the solution".

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Also, "he saidPresident Piñera's visit to La Araucanía was a very bad gesture by the family of Camilo Catrillanca.and reassured them that the conditions of the meeting were not given.

Cayuqueo, after the charge of Catrillanca, was also reflected in the Mapuche movement's response and said his violence was "not guilty", noting that Santiago did not comply with the phenomena Santiago might find in his township. It has a strong political origin, it is a political tool".

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Journalist also Elimination of carabineros It took place in the Senate and "You cannot deliver an empty check to an organization involved in these serious eventsIn operation Hurricane, Camilo Catrillanca is accused of misappropriation parasites and robberies that are already accustomed to us.

Finally, the author told the Government, “It's time to give urgency to such a priority Son and raise the legislative agenda To take advantage of the demands of Mapuche people "mapuchista wave".

In this way, you can prevent it from "being". An opposition by charging government official accounts".

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