Sunday , October 17 2021

Pedro Astorga gives a new opportunity to Karol Lucero's old love.


"The new love that shook the show." These panelists intruder They presented their romanticism Pedro Astorga and Cata Vallejos, Karol is Lucero's ex-lover.

As reported, the old "Street 7" and the old man of reality were doing their best to keep their relationship secret. However, their attitudes were not noticed.

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Rodrigo Van Cauwelaert reassured them that "there is more than a friendship" between the two. And to prove it, he showed a photograph of Cata Vallejo's Pedro Astorga with his dog, Newén. This piece led the program's journalists to clarify that there was something between them.

Inda I know they've had a good time, ında Van Cauwelaert said, and when they connected the model with Toarii, he was worried that he was with someone.

Michael Roldán said, "They've been walking around for a long time, that's not a one-week affair."

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