Saturday , July 2 2022

Peanuts will be the forest of Gen.G without closing with SKT T1


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Much speculation was made about the location of the forest, and he had investigated and demonstrated that he could become a double with Faker, who caused a real interest in his location. But days ago, it was known that this would not happen and the disappointment was great. The rumors even said that we would find it in North America, but it would not be mentioned.

It was won by a Chinese team that succeeded in crossing the world in front of the Korean and Western teams and ended their dream of raising a trophy again by Fnatic. Such a phenomenon would be one of the realities to change many teams in the surrounding continents, because certain changes were necessary for a better future. This will be released in certain players, others will still see how they receive the leased bids. The peanut was always the focus of SK Telecom T1, but it could not be closed, we knew we could now recognize his new team, maybe he offered more, who knows? Maybe you'il do well.

Publisher: esports. / Facebook / excitement / Youtube / Scope

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